Low outgoing voice volume

I have installed freepbx 16 server, and in my network I have IP telephones and voip ATAs, the IP telephones work perfectly all the time, but the voip ATAs voice volume and quality are good for about only 1 hour after freepbx restart, after that the voice volume and quality are very low and seems to be far.

I tried all the expected option in ATA configuration but nothing changed, I am sure that the problem is in server configuration but I can not solve it tell now,

any help please!

This is an ATA, cabling, or phone problem.

You should check the quality of all cable connections. It is just possible that the initial ringing is “wetting” poor connections, and the effect is wearing off as the call progresses.

If the times are not from the starts of calls, they are probably from power up, rather than from when Asterisk is started. They could be the result of something in the ATA running hot.

thanks for replay,
there is no cabling or phone problem I tested them many times, and for the ATA I turned it of for many hours, then turned it on again but the voice quality still bad, it work prefect only for about 1 hour after freepbx restarted !!, in addition to that the bad voice quality is only in outgoing calls - that go out from ATA - to any other client

Does the bad quality affect what the ATA user hears, what the remote party hears, or both?

Are internal calls affected? Calls to *43 (echo test)?

ATA make/model? Codecs enabled on ATA? On extension?

thanks for replay,
the remote party hears a bad quality in internal calls, ATA is grandstream ht802 ,
pcmu, pcma , g722 g723, opus, and ilbc codecs for ATA
g722, g723, g726, gsm, ilbc on extension

I tried *43 what I have to test exactly ?

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