Low cost to keep unused DIDs

Hello. I have some unused vanity numbers hosting in voip.ms. The cost is about $0.9/m. I am looking for a lower cost service provider to store those DIDs. I found out that BulkVS only charge $0.06 monthly. It seems so much cheaper. Did anyone use it before? Is the price total with any hidden fee? Or do you have a even lower price service provider? Thanks a lot!

Everything is straight up, no surprises.

Send your outbound toll-free traffic through them and the credits will likely be enough to cover the cost of the DIDs.

I’m not sure what size company you’re with, but beware the FCC’s warehousing rules; there’s talk of changing them, but AFAIK nothing has been passed yet


Thank you for both. It’s very helpful. I already switched to BulkVS. so far so good.

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