Love the CLI auto command lookup improvement

The auto command lookup is great. A very nice improvement. Don’t know when this was added as haven’t used CLI in awhile but thanks.

Predates my involvement so more than 12 years.

That seems strange as I can clearly remember having to type something like Help + aaa to get a list. I have been using FPBX awhile but doesn’t seem that long ago. I any case, typeomatic is a great feature.

I think the autocomplete in the Asterisk CLI module showed up in FreePBX 14, if that’s what you’re referring to.

Yes, Thanks.

No, it did not. As @lgaetz pointed out, this feature has been around for over a decade. This is not something new even though you were this many days old when you discovered it.

If only there was a way we could know for sure…

Source: add autocomplete via typeahead for common commands · FreePBX/[email protected] · GitHub

That is JAVASCRIPT which is for the GUI or something running through NodeJS at the server level. That has absolutely nothing to do with the Asterisk console being able to auto complete commands. People running non-FreePBX systems with Asterisk have this same function even without a GUI.

That’s why I made the distinction in my initial reply, because I suspect the possibility that the OP was referring to the GUI, which is somewhat recent-ish.

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Yes, this is the FreePBX forum after all. Good clarification. I have never used the GUI - CLI module.

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I was hoping the thread was about fwconsole.

An fwconsole bash_completion script would be a nice addition.

Good idea, here you go. . .

it should be quite easy as fwconsole spits out all options if incomplete already. Also

I was referring to the GUI CLI. Shows how careful one needs to being the forum as ones context does not always translate into the words. A major human frailty.

Well aware, have done it before - several times. Maybe one day for fwconsole, but not enough time for now.

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I would wager you use zsh too :wink:

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