Loudest Ringtone Possible


A customer has been complaining they are not able to hear the S206 when it rings to due background restaurant noise. In one location they started using an ATA with analog phone which is much louder.

They have ringer volume set to loudest which is still too quiet. Is there a way to increase the ringer volume from the basefile or perhaps there is a louder ringtone?

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Would probably be ideal to use something like this:

The Algo is great for audio but what about a strobe light? That would still get the attention without adding to an already loud environment:

The Algo stuff looks great, but is too pricey for the customer. Instead, they’re going with a Grandstream ATA and analog phone.

There was a recent firmware update that addressed some volume complaints on the phones-- may want to bump to latest firmware and see if there’s a difference.

Firmware is at the latest

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