Lost Root password on a brand new Sangoma 60 Appliance

Hi Folks,

I bought a FreePBX System 60 a couple of weeks ago, did some very basic setting up of the system, then promptly went on Vacation. When I returned, my Desk was cleaned, and the password Gone!
I can get into the Dashboard and do everything, but I need to get into the SSH to do some network troubleshooting.

Two questions:

  1. What are the password requirements for Root… maybe I can figure it out… all my normal ones are working.

  2. How easy is it to reactivate my licences on the new install once I’ve relaunched everything?

Many Thanks for your help, in advance!

Ok, well… Nevermind. That’s what you get for going on vacation right after you set up a server. I never did set the password. Root password by default is “Sangoma”. I was sure I would have been asked to change it.

Thanks anyways!

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