Lost Parking (REST-Parking) function on Sangoma phones

In trying to deal with a DTMF issue I’ve now lost the ability to park calls using the “Parking” button configured in the endpoint manager/model config as “XML-API | Parking | REST-Parking”.

Before if you had a call you could hit the “Parking” button and it would park the current call in the next available spot. Now it does nothing but put a few DTMF tones on the line (audible to both inside and outside parties).

If you transfer to 70 the “Parking” button works as expected to retrieve the call.

Running a PBXact and Sangoma S705s.

Solved my own issue. To park the call, the REST-Parking uses the “Core Feature Code -> In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer” to complete its’ task. Make sure that stays enabled.

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