Lost DTFM comming inbound

My Free PBX system version Which uses DISA For months suddenly ignoring DTFM’s. I realized that there is the same trouble in the IVR.
Is there a function to reactivate DTMF coming from inbound call.
What is the solution.

Is it lost DTMF? Or one way audio?

freepbx one way audio troubleshooting - Google Search

Call the IVR internally and test for DTMF to make sure it isn’t your SIP trunk provider on the inbound route with the issue.

when I dial 7777 it say no service at the number you dial.

7777 has nothing to do with this internal test for DTMF.

Add New Virtual Extension > User Extension: 2468 > Display Name: 2468-Test > Advanced > No Answer: IVR, Busy: IVR, Not Reachable: IVR > Submit > Apply Config.

Call 2468 and test your IVR for DTMF.

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