Lost connection to asterisk


we recently had a security incident with a newly stood up PBX, this appliance although having the firewall enabled, & sip guests/anonymous disabled someone was able to connect/create an extension and try to make calls. From this I was working through resetting passwords and attempted to change the asterisk manager password from Settings>Advanced Settings which seems to have broken the appliance. From this point on I just receive “Cannot connect to asterisk” in the top right hand corner.

I’ve tried changing it back to its original value and verified it both in manager.conf/amportal.conf and in the database but after a few hours now have been unable to restore the system to a functioning state.

AMI name and password in Advanced Settings must match the content of the file


Once they match, reload with

asterisk -x "core reload"

@lgaetz i’ve already verified the values match with no such luck, really hit a wall - i’ll make sure to never try and change that password again because it clearly isn’t a simple reset :slight_smile:

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