Lost all my Viocemail settings and greetings

Somewhere all my voicemail setup was completely set to initial state with voicemail turnd off for all users.


  1. Backed up V13 32bit.
  2. Installed V13 64bit
  3. Restored PBX settings to V13 64bit
  4. Used the script to go to V14.

Also was a IVR module update recently.

Any suggestions on how to reload the voicemail settings from backups? Don’t really want to roll back the whole system with possible dangers of creating an even bigger mess.

Greetings you can copy paste into each folder. Not sure which settings you are talking about.

Did your backup include voicemail as that is a option you have to drag over to include all of that.

From the backup, you can manually restore the file:
And the folder:

Will I have any problems copying these files from a V13 version to my V14 version?

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Voicemail is still a largely Asterisk thing, so the move from v13 to v14 shouldn’t have a huge effect.

Follow up: Was able to tidy up due to not having many users or sound files. Recovered some sound files from backups. Strangely, about half were not lost. All the extension greetings were gone and had to be re-recorded. Did not spend time figuring out how and when this happened just want to note here it in case it happens to anyone else.

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