Lost all admin access after changing ports


I attempted to change the port of our AsteriskNOW admin control panel (under System Admin > Port Management) to port 82. As soon as I hit Update Now, I lost all ability to access the ACP. I’ve been able to SSH in and restart Asterisk, show the port settings, etc. but I just don’t know enough about the CLI to know how to change it back.

I had changed LetsEncrypt to port 80 and changed Admin to port 82.

fwconsole sa ports returns this:
| Port | Name |
| 88 | restapps |
| 96 | restapi |
| 81 | ucp |
| 82 | acp |
| 84 | hpro |
| 80 | leport |
| disabled | sslrestapps |
| disabled | sslrestapi |
| disabled | sslucp |
| 443 | sslacp |
| disabled | sslhpro |

However, I cannot get anything on ports 80, 81, or 82.

Is there a way for me to set that port back to 80 through the command line?


I assume you meant FreePBX.

I usually reboot the entire machine (not just restarting asterisk) after making port changes.

Restarting the services and/or server did not help at all.

It must have been an issue with the LE certificate thing; Something with /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf was preventing the web server services from starting. Deleting the file allowed them to start and then reconfigure the ports back to their previous settings.

if you are unable to change the port of our AsterikNow admin control panel .

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