Losing connecting to web admin

PBXact on a Sangoma100 appliance
Recently been having issues where phones are working, but using apps on the buttons(call flow and voicemail specifically) pop up a XML error on the phone. Once this is happening, I no longer have access to the webpage for admin on its external public address or even on the LAN using its private address. The only fix I seem ot have available is to reboot the system. After reboot all is working, XML apps, web admin, for a few days, and then they suddenly stop
Is there something in the admin that I can check to make sure it is enabled to stay alive?

In your sysadmin module, check to make sure you’re not getting blacklisted.

In your Firewall settings, make sure you have all of the interfaces you are having trouble with under control. You’ll need to look at the options in the firewall to see what works best for your risk surface.

Check that your apache/httpd server is running and any problems in its logs

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As Dicko say: Try to check apache status.
systemctl status httpd.service
And take a look on logs.

Also, you can try to restart apache
systemctl restart httpd.service

Or maybe you could check if Fail2ban added any good ip address into the jail.
Rebooting your system makes jails cleaned.
If this is the case, then add this ip address into the white list.

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