Loose extension registration

First of all, let me say we are solidly behind the FPBX product.
We keep having the same problem repeatably happen on many of our installs. We are using FPBX 11, but are changing over to 14 next month. We use Grandstream SIP phones.
We use an extension numbering plan that starts with 301. We have ext. 301 loose registration with the server and the Grandstream phone pulls an IP address that is not even part of the IP address scheme determined by the router. To get the phone to register we usually have to Delete the extension from the server and rebuild AND do a factory reset in the phone and re-program. Many times this works and many times we have to abandon ext 301 and use a new extension number.
We are at a loss as to why this keeps happening. Any ideas from the Community will be appreciated.

Sounds like you have a rogue DHCP server somewhere within your network

Thanks for idea !! never thought of that. I will scan the network to see what is their. But this problem almost always effects just ext 301. As soon as I change to ext 300, things work just fine. I will report back what I find after i scan the network.

It seems to me like you have a network issue rather than some issues with the PBX itself.

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