Looks like the S505 works with 3CX too

After a factory reset and clearing out the Sangoma URLs from the web GUI, the S505 provisioned perfectly with 3CX using an Htek UC924 profile. These things are pretty versatile

And how much of it actually works? I see a screen with some softkeys and a logo. I do not see any line appearances or any SIP accounts that appear to be programmed on the phone. What about those? Does the actual SIP account/Line appearance show up when you program it? So far this isn’t showing much of anything.

Come back and tell us how versatile they are once you actually have a working setup with this.

This template doesn’t program any of the side buttons by default, but you can set them up for line keys or BLFs or whatever you want really. When you go off hook you can start making calls right away. All the usual phone functions work like they would on a Yealink or Fanvil or Snom. Even the directory works and automatically updates.

I think you’re missing my point.

  1. You’re using another vendor’s phone model config for this Sangoma S505. Now while some vendors do have the same basic configs and settings, thus meaning other phones might catch them, it doesn’t mean every config setting is the same. So there is absolutely no guarantee of anything working while using this HTEK profile.
  1. These phones were designed to go hand and hand with FreePBX/PBXacct. These were designed to handle all the things that FreePBX does that other “agnostic” SIP phones can’t do at the level of integration that is needed.

  2. You’ve taken a piece of hardware that was warrantied and supported and you’ve thrown that out the window. You’ve had a third party system install templates that were branded and setup with their PBX defaults.

This is basically the whole “I made my Cisco 79XX work. Yeah, it just makes calls and I can’t do any high level stuff like BLF, Parking, 3-Way Call, etc, etc. but it WORKS!”

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Oh I’m sure some things might not work, and I wouldn’t use this in production, but so far all the normal functions including 3-way calling, BLF, and parking works.

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