Looking to test FreePBX with a few commercial add-ons on temporary hardware and migrate to appliance if everything goes well

Sorry that the title is so long, and if I’m completely off-base, or missing something significant, my apologies. Also, I hope below makes sense.

Basically, I’m looking to test out FreePBX with a couple of the commercial add-ons on some hardware that I already have, and if everything goes well, I will be purchasing a FreePBX Appliance 60 along with an analog card. My question is this, is there a way to migrate things from my temporary build to the appliance (including the commercial add-on licenses)? Or would it be best to just backup/restore, and repurchase the add-ons?

There is normally no problem moving licenses from one machine to another; see
If you have trouble, Sangoma support will help at no additional cost.

However, it seems unusual to design a new system to use analog lines. What led to this choice?

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Hi @wb6vpm - Mike here from Sangoma, I can help you with some test licensing if you’d like. Just send me a DM or an email to mwhite at sangoma.com with your deployment. I’ll load it up.

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Customer requirement. They have a 1 gang call box that is analog at their front door from their existing system (and if I do put in a replacement VoIP call box, all of Viking’s IP call boxes are 2 gang, so it will have to be surface mounted instead of how it is currently which is flush mounted with a stone facade), and without opening their walls up, there is no way to get anything else (such as Ethernet) to that location. Obviously, my cable guy is still trying to figure out if there is a way to do it, but from a design point until I know that it can be done, I have to assume that I will have to continue using the analog call box.

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