Looking to Hire FreePBX Expert Today - Pay today (Paypal)

I have some FreePBX experience but am running into issues, I am interested in hiring someone today to help us setup our system, and make a few recommendations. Please post your price below and contact info, or message me. I will respond quickly. I already have the server up, and hostnames pointed, trunks active so at this point it’s just getting the routing working.

Hi Kyle,

Feel free to reach out at [email protected] or 435-999-5070 and I’d be happy to see if I can help.

Caleb Smith

Consider using Sangoma Support (link at top), tho it may not be possible to get immediate attention depending on current load. Note that post history and signup date is available for all users, I would check up on anyone offering to assist.


Also, as a community, we try not to drum up business in public forums. Occassionaly, one or more of us may mention an hourly rate or that we’re available, but it considered poor form to post that kind of information here, since we’re all donating considerable time and expertise to the project for free.

If you want to reach out to someone, use a private message. Many of us do this professionally, so you might want to look at some message history and reach out to people that have expertise in your area.


Sorry was not aware. Please also understand, I am trying to get my office to remote capability due to the virus, and time is a factor and that was my thinking.


It’s OK. The only people that “corporate shill” on the regular is Sangoma/Digium. It’s still a little bit “I need a shower now” when they do it, but they are in business to promote FreePBX, so we let it slide. :slight_smile:

As a practical (PayPal) matter, the professionals here will usually do what professional contractors have always done, take half up front and then do the work. When the work is finished, they will invoice for the rest. We’re heard (amongst ourselves) too many stories about people that ask for this kind of support, one of us does the work, then nothing. The other trick is the PayPal funds get pulled after the fact by unscrupulous people after the work is finished.

Everyone here that has customers, of course, can do this stuff any way they’d like, but the old-fashioned “invoice to an address” method is still the gold standard.

Pretty much this.

I would add, also, that I’m busy. I expect that most others are too.

If you want service immediately, that means you are makign me drop everyhing already scheduled to handle your fire.

You will most certainly not be paying our normal consulting rate for that. Hell, or existing clients now that they won’t pay their normal rate if they call me and make me drop everything immediately.

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