Looking to do a broadcast dial campaign aka robocall, with a hybrid prerecorded and tts message

I’m looking to reach out to existing clients to give them updates via automated call. I’d like to record most of the message in my voice to have a slightly more personal touch, and so my clients can recognize my voice, but use text to speech to fill in a couple of variables along the way, such as their name and the product they have through us.

It looks like xactdialer module would work with a strictly pre-recorded message, but not a hybrid message.

Maybe the appointment reminder module could work to fill in their name with tts? but is the appointment reminder module capable of doing multiple channels? Ideally I’d like to do about 10-20 channels so i can get through 1,000 clients in 1-2 hours.

I came across wombat dialer, but it looks like the last release may be for asterisk 16.

Are there any other options that might work?

To be clear, i’m not using this to cold call, only to reach out to customers i already have existing business relationships with.

A custom dialplan would do the job.

@PitzKey I’m probably in a little over my head, i’m trying to learn. Can you elaborate a little further as I don’t really know much about custom dialplans and i’m not sure how i might use one to solve my problem.

I used to be a linux sys admin, and i’m just trying to run my own pbx because all the features we need from cloud providers for our business are getting too expensive.

Asynchronous availability of recipients probably needs asynchronous calls, look into ‘callfiles’
text to speech is simple and free with google ‘gtts’.

But don’t expect anyone ever to respect your robocall as sincere, they won’t, you just wasted their time

callfiles looks interesting, but somehow i would need to generate reports on them and track the status is there any prepacked way of doing that? or do i have to recreate the wheel? if busy try again 3 times, or something like that, then mark as failed; or left a message on an answering machine… Then have a final report of what went through and didn’t.

You can set retries in the callfile, you can save them for archival rrasons, the *.txt file has a full record of any failures and ultimate success if it does succeed.


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