Looking for VSP and have specific requirements

I am looking for a SIP trunking provider and have a few specific requirements.

  1. Offers metered pay per usage service both in and outbound

  2. Does not allow international calling unless requested via ticket. I don’t want the option to turn on international calling from the online portal. (The online portal of one of our VSPs got compromised at one point, international calling turned on and incoming calls forwarded to international toll fraud number. We don’t want that to happen again).

Do you know of any VSPs that offer that?
(Vitelity has that, but we are already using it).

I’m pretty sure VOIP Innovations would be a good fit. Their portal offering is very flexible and I’m pretty sure they handle rate-deck changes through tickets only. The problem is they require monthly minimums.

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Turns out they don’t require monthly minimums.
So perfect, thanks.

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Hmmm - sounds like I need to call my account rep… :wink:

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