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Hi all,

We have a DIY Distro Install. We’re using VOIP.ms for our DIDs. We use an internal 4D database system for pretty much everything, except our website which is hosted at DreamHost.

We are interested in offering the ability to send and receive SMS messages to our clients for support and also for notifications to them from our 4D system.

I know that I can use Twillo or another SMS API system to send messages from our 4D or even website, but can these even co-exist with SMS from a FreePBX system using the same DID numbers?

What sort of capabilties does FreePBX have regarding SMS and are they useful?

What I am trying to avoid is using one number from one platform and another number from a different platform. It would be nice for things to be unified to the same number.

For example – if people normally call us at 123-555-1212, I would want them to be able to text that same number for support or a question, and for us to be able to reply as if it is coming from that same number. Then, from either our website or 4D, we use an API system for automated update texts such as a shipping notice or something (just an example). These should also appear to come from that same number.

Additionally, what should or could I use on the receiving end of SMS messages, such that multiple employees can read them and reply?


Open source SMS Connector module works with voip.ms and Twilio and integrates with FreePBX’s UCP and softphones. You can set up multiple users on the same DID so your employees can read and reply.

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This is great, thanks!

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