Looking for recommendation on best practice for SMTP

We keep running into issues where emails are either getting tagged as spam our flat out rejected by client email servers when using built in SMPT (with the System Admin Pro module)

What are the best practice recommendations for SMTP?
Do you guys use external servers?
Is there a certain way I can configure the internal SMTP to avoid these issues?

Start with the easy one:


Generally speaking, the PBX server expects the mail to be delivered to an external server. It can work with the localhost, but you’ll need to set up some kind of IMAP/POP3 service on the PBX to access the mail from outside the network.

You need to whitelist your mail server’s “from” address in your local SMTP server as well as the clients. If you are using a client that does spam matching and filtering (Thunderbird, for example), you’ll need to train the client to not mark the messages as SPAM by literally remarking them as “Not SPAM” in the SPAM folder.

If you are using the Distro, buy Sysadmin Pro. It is $25 and you get a nice GUI to configure mail server options.

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