Looking for ideas on making calls based on some sort of input

Greetings, I am trying to hatch this plan for work and am looking to see if any there is a way to accomplish this with or without some programming. So this is really just brainstorming and hoping to find that maybe someone has done something similar.

Anyway, the thought goes like this.

-An event occurs at a remote station
-a monitoring program notices the event and sends some sort
of notification to FreePBX. This could be an email, an sms, a file in
a directory etc
-FreePBX notices event action and makes a phone call to a destination and
plays a prerecorded message when caller picks up.

Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts on the situation.


Maybe something based on this:

Of course there’s there still the need to find something to run that code but that could be something like having a special web page you browse to, some sort of Inet daemon, etc…

Good luck and have a nice day!


You could try this “generic” callfile method/recipe :-


your application would be playback (add a “silence” file before your recording (data: en/silence/5&custom/myfile) in the data line so the call can settle after answer).

Pay attention to the ownership of the file and use the mv into the outgoing directory.

Guys that is GREAT info!

Dicko, that was pretty much EXACTLY what I was looking for. In fact I already have a working prototype going based on that info you gave me!

Thanks so much !!!