Looking for FreePBX service SIP providers

Having issues getting the desired support from our current FreePBX service provider. I would like to see who else is out there that we could switch to that would allow us to use our current equipment along with FreePBX software. When we have issues with service it is almost impossible to get a live person to resolve the issues.
Seeing if there is a website that has a list of of other providers that would work with the current equipment.

Yealink Phones
Netgate firewall with running PFSense 2.3
Asterisk Ver 11.13.1

Have you checked out Sipstation yet? https://www.freepbx.org/voip-services/

I have not but I will. Thanks

Voice pulse is also an option for sip providers.

Thank You. I will also check out Voice Pulse. The more choices the better.

I like Alcazar Networks and Voip Innovations. Neither supports PJ-SIP and both do host-based authentication.

VI had been suffering from a Denial Of Service attack on their servers a few months ago (fixed now) and they are still at the mercy of their underlying providers (mostly Level3 lately), but they are proactive about letting people know that there are problems. I use them for all of my incoming DID circuits.

I have Alcazar for outbound backup, and they are really easy to work with a provide a lot of support for very little money.

Voip Innovations supports PJSIP… I been using them with no problem… I have the phones using chan_sip and Trunks using PJSIP

I’ve been using flowroute for a while, happy with them so far.

We use the commerical version of sip.us. they are a younger company but have fantastic support and very intuitive web interface for managing the lines.