Looking for Edgewater SBC alternatives


I’m looking to replace the Edgewater 4550 and 4750 SBCs that I have deployed. I’m looking at the Sangoma SBCs but am having difficult figuring out which model would be comparable. Maybe the SBCT-SMB-020 and -030, but I don’t understand how those work with a single ethernet connection, I don’t see how you would connect both wan and lan.

Any other suggestions are welcome, the main issue I have had with the edgemarcs is that they will stop receiving and transmitting new invites on random until either rebooting the device or submitting (there are a number of complaints about this issue on reddit), so it’s not an isolated issue, I have also seen it on the 2900s.

I unfortunately cannot speak to which one of those SBC would be comparable. But I can tell you from my experience with those Edgemarcs, I had those exact problems all of the time, with all of those models you listed. This was using Broadsoft though, but the problems were identical. There are definitely much better, and cheaper solutions out there. I’d be curious how Sangoma’s SBC’s measure up to that expectation and how they work myself.

Thanks for the response Adam. If anyone else has any thoughts I’d like to hear them. Adtran’s are too expensive, and I would rather not go with Ribbn, I don’t have faith in their support (which I have witnessed since they bought Edgewater). I am probably going to go with the SMB SBC Sangoma line.

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