Looking for Doorbell to connect to Freepbx


I’m done with the Dahua doorbells. To much trouble. After updating to Freepbx 16 it’s barely working as it used to. So now I’m looking for something to replace it with.

The way I have it setup right now is that when button is clicked:
it goes to custom dial plan
which calls a PHP script
which creates a Call file
which calls the Dahua VTO a misc application
which is linked to a Time condition
which if True let’s a call go to my phones and merges Dahua VTO to the calls
and if false will play a recording on Dahua VTO, letting the person ringing the bell to “GTFO, We’re closed at this time.”

This for some reason doesn’t work anymore on FreePBX16, I get error BUSY when it tries to call Dahua VTO. But only if it goes through the steps above. I tried delaying the PHP script, but it always comes down to BUSY. Adding retries to the call file with delays then worked, but still. The way this whole thing works is backwards.

Now I’m looking for something that will work with less complications than this. Basically calling the Misc application and just working. Even on old FreePBX calling the Misc application didn’t work and I had to go throught all the stuff up there to get it to work like I wanted.

Any ideas?

I’m with you in the search to something better, but I suggest you to post some packet trace to get help here.

p.s. Dahua support says that the more users report a bug, the more it gets priority.

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