Looking for an SBC

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #1

Hey folks. We currently use an Edgemarc router as the edge firewall for some hosted deployments. Looking to see if I can find a replacement one, that also sits at the edge of a business internet and can be used as a SBC for hosted systems. The one I keep finding is LibreSBC. has anyone used this?m Thanks

(Itzik) #2

You can use Kamailio as an Edge Proxy.


And you can wrap Kamailio around DSipRouter for a friendly front end between your Asterii and VSP’s

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #4

Can i use this as solution for internal routing for a network? with DHCP and such? If I replaced my Edgemarc, it would need to do SIP but also act as an edge router for someones network.


(Simon Telephonics) #5

I would not use the software solutions then; get an SBC appliance that can do these things. Adtran makes good gear that would fit your purpose, e.g. https://adtran.com/web/page/portal/Adtran/product/4700630G3SBC/12


As @billsimon says, but if you pass all SIP traffic though to your Proxy instance (and vice versa) you have achieved the same result cheaper.

( Also , competent Cisco routers that do VOIP are a dime a dozen on ebay these days)

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #7

OK thanks guys. I appreciate it. I’ll probably test both and see what works best.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #8

Yea. i plan on using whatever solution as an SBC, to connect the internal network to a hosted solution of FreePBX. But it would need to have routing capabilities because it would double as their router.


I can’t see your use case needing anything that complicated, If the voice server is hosted, there is no need for a Proxy , if there are several entities inside your internal network using a multiplicity of voice servers , perhaps. Can you further explain what you are trying to fix ?

(Bob Reiber) #10

Do you have some recommendations on specific Cisco models for VOIP? I’ve been using the Edgemarcs since the old 250s and I’m pretty happy with them for the most part but would be curious to see some options.


Not authoritatively but stuff like

will probably be fine (you will need to RTFM though)

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #12

I am trying to encompass the following:

  • A single point that the phones register to locally (not as important)
  • Something that does QoS
  • Something that acts as a router



That could be done with pfsense/ddwrt/whatever with siproxd installed on it, but “not as important” is telling. Any router > $20 can do QoS and custom firmware thus siproxd but siproxd can CTF any but the most seasoned.

As previously posted a $cheapo cisco router properly licensed for voice is likely closer to your needs (again you will need a manual or two handy)

(Simon Telephonics) #14

After seeing your follow-up posts I am thinking the Adtran is overkill for your needs. But it is a great SBC for a medium-sized business (for anyone else who comes upon this thread).

If you want the phones to register locally, why not bring the PBX on-prem and put it on the internal side of your edge router? Then just have a router and don’t worry about whether it has any SIP capabilities.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #15

We host phones, so locally isnt an option. For now, i’ll stick with Edgemarc until i find something similar. Thanks for the advice!


Back to the basics, if you “host phones” and there is more than one “Domain” then you WILL need a Proxy by any name you call it and Asterisk/FreePBX is just not that beast. I think you have been offered various options already.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #17

We host phones but we have individual instances of Freepbx, its not a multi-tenate scenario. Yes I’ve been offered various options. Now I have to see what works best. Thank you.


Then technically it IS absolutely a multi-tenant scenario (think about that)

Thusly you need a Proxy or you will be fighting SIP and RTP ports forever. Understand that the Proxy does NOT need to be on your network, I suggest you do all that on a $5 Cloud instance that you trust. and get lots of free LetsEncrypt certs to suit

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #19

I think you are misunderstanding me. Its not a multi-tenate scenario, We literally have each PBX on its own separate cloud instance. We literally do this, each pbx on its own cloud instance, with the Freepbx firewall and lets encrypt. We pair each location with an Edgemarc. I am just simply trying to get options as to a replacement for the Edgemarcs.


How are the Edgemarcs failing?

Get a Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Extreme, Dell, they all behave much the same with proper licensing