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I have a PBXact system and I’m getting ready to a bulk order for phones for all of my users. The only phones I have worked with are the S705, S505, S406, S206. I have no working knowledge of the A, D, or P series phones.

I need to figure out what to order, or at least what to demo. PCs will tether off of the phones, so gigE is required. I prefer to have a color LCD to at least give these phones a modern appearance and at least have some screen space to provide necessary info to user. We don’t really do anything fancy with them now, they’re just used as phones…not to say we won’t turn on more bells and whistles in the future.

Are there any differences in quality between the A,P,D,S, and Dect series phones? Or is it mostly aesthetic? Zero provisioning isn’t a big deal, though I know it’s a touted feature on the S series that I have.

As it stands now, I’m looking at the S505 as a phone for most of my users, even though on features alone, the S406 would work.

Open to any input. Thoughts? Ideas? Chastising? Hurled rotten vegetables…

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In my opinion…the D-series phones are the future…the S-series phones are from the past. Sangoma bought Digium and the D-series phones. The CEO has a strategy…I think :wink:

EDIT: but the D-series phones might not work with PBXact…I dont know…


The D62 and D65 phones are the best sangoma offer right now and the price tag reflects that. That said they are all I use for my clients. D65’s for reception/executive phones and D62 for normal desk phones.

Both are gigabit pass through. The D65’s offer the ability to use Bluetooth headsets and an added sidecar for large phonebooks.

From what you describe, I’d go with these. I have a D80 on my desk, I’d prefer a D65.

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Honestly if you have experience with the S series phones there’s no reason to take a learning curve and do something different. Most of the opinions on phones are based on fanboyism. You will find people, not many, but people who highly recommend grandstream. Typically just use what you’re comfortable with.

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If PBXact supports the D-series phones, you could test a s705 and a D65 phone. I have tested them for a long time. You will never buy a s705, when you can get a D65. Audio is much better (in case your network supports g722), stability is much better (actually perfect), the screen is much better, the GUI is much better…on the D65!
The only advantage of the s705 is that it has a built-in LDAP-client.


I’ve done grandstream GXP2140 with FreePBX and the commercial Endpoint Module and they work well. Look very nice to if you take the time to put a nice background picture on them. Look as good as the D65’s for a lot less $$. Because of the merger between Digium and Sangoma though support would be tighter with PBXact/FreePBX and Digium Phones.

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Right now today, FreePBX and PBXact have full support for the P series phones and D6x phones. That includes the DPMA apps on the phones and provisioning with DPMA in Endpoint Manager. We are working toward the same for the D80, but we’re still a short way away from getting full EPM support.

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I’ve deleted every post that does not directly address @lonelyadmin’s initial request for phone recommendations as off topic. This thread is just a simple request for hardware opinions.

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Thank you everyone for your advice and information. I’ll likely check out the D series phones mentioned. If my understanding is correct, the D series phones are supported by the free version of the EPM (which is what I have). My current EPM says it supports Sangoma and Digium phones, though only “Sangoma” is listed under Brands. I wasn’t clear if D series are now considered Digium or Sangoma.

/aschortech If the D series quote is scary, I’ll look at that GXP, but I’'l also have to consider the cost of the commercial EPM module.

Thanks again everyone!

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Yes.thats correct…and under brands you select sangoma foe d series then you will be able to select s or d series…


The D series are indeed more expensive, but honestly I’ve never had a single client question the cost. When using FreePBX, even the commercial equipment it’s still much cheaper than older analog equipment.

IMO, for better or worse, the telecom “PBX” industry has had a long history of massively overcharging for hardware, systems and support. Indeed that’s what led to the creation of Asterisk in the first place.

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FWIW, looks like I’ll be going with the S705/S505. I’ve been testing the D62 and D65, but the lack of visual voicemail, contacts, and other apps is a bit of a deal breaker with my end users. If it supported the same apps as the S series I’d likely go with the D series…but as it stands now I’ll stick with the S series. I have a GXP2140 that is untested. I could never get support convinced that I own my PBX’s and EPM module…still working through that.

If visual VM is possible on the D series, please let me know!

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How are you testing these devices? Current versions of EPM support BOTH XML and DPMA apps for the D6x series phones including VM, contacts etc.

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It was a mistake on my part…voicemail simply wasn’t setup for the extension I was testing with. Insert banging head on wall gif here.

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