Long time reload

And…what about 30 to 40 seconds to perform a system reload (not reboot), even in a just installed distro ??
When making a lot of tests in lab here, is annoying to wait and wait.
Is it normal or does the machine hang waiting for something ?

Do you have a dns resolver defined and a hostname assigned to the server?

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DNS resolver OK
hostname assigned “freepbx.mydomain.ddns.net
Anyway, despite mydomain.ddns.net is reachable both from LAN and Internet (is my router name) , freepbx.mydomain.ddns.net isn’t.
Is this the cause ?

How long , on average, does a reload take ?

There is no average, it’s entirely dependent on how busy the system config is and hardware performance. On very capable hardware with many hundreds of users/extensions it can still take a full minute for reloads.

That could be normal, the problem is with my just installed distro with one extension and one sip trunk taking 30-35 seconds, on a quad core / 4GB Ram virtual machine inside ESXi…
Is there a system trace of what machine is doing while reloads ?

Get on the server console or SSH and do a ps ax or top while the slow reload is happening. Maybe you’ll spot a system process that is hanging.

If setting “Enable Module Signature Checking” to ‘No’ in Settings -> Advanced Settings corrects the problem, it’s a long standing unresolved problem:


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