Long delay for any call


Over the last few days, we are getting 15 second delays for all calls. If I dial an internal extension, it takes 15 seconds before the other phone begins ringing. We have the same problem for inbound and outbound calls, too.

Where do I start looking to fix this?

I see alot of these errors in the console:

[2019-07-08 17:50:45] ERROR[28320][C-00000024]: pbx_functions.c:610 ast_func_read: Function PJSIP_HEADER not registered

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is that it’s a DNS error, like in this thread, but I’m not sure how to go about solving that or figuring it out.

Go to Settings -> Asterisk SIP Settings and confirm that STUN Server Address is blank (if your application actually requires a STUN server, please explain).

Next, at a shell prompt, confirm that DNS lookups are working, e.g.
ping google.com

If that’s also ok, make a test call to another extension. You can hang up once it starts ringing. Go to Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles and look at the log for your call. Find the long gap and post a few lines before and after the gap.

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Ah, so I was running an email archiving program on the server that also is the DNS server, and it was bogging down the network. After the archiving process finished, the lag went away. I didn’t know it would cause a lag like that!

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