Login to FreePBX does not stick

Running FreePBX 12 (for several months without incident) preparing to upgrade to 13

For some reason starting this afternoon, I can login to FreePBX but every time I try to do anything, it forces me to login again and I am unable to post any changes etc.

What is the fix?

You must of updated php. do a fwconsole chown

fwconsole: command not found

amportal chown

Sorry did not catch you were on older FreePBX

Thanks!!!.. now I am having a different problem as I try to bring a few out of date version 12 modules up to date before I do the upgrade to 13. For example (and this is true on 8 modules I need to bring up to date):


Please wait while module actions are performed

Downloading and Installing framework
Downloading framework 5081991 of 5081991 (100%)
Found module locally, verifying…Redownloading
Error(s) downloading framework:
File Integrity failed for /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/framework- - aborting (GPG Verify File check failed)