Login Problem

Hi Guyz! Anyone knows how to use the new login access of Freepbx?? I’ve installed the new FreePBX and it’s using the database as the Login. When i accessed the Web Portal it prompts me the username and password. I actually followed the Aussiewiki freepbx guide but to no avail. I created a new user inside the administration and there is no password tab for me to key in the password! Anyone knows what is happening?? Thankz!

Hello I’m new to FreePBX.

Check out:

I had to start with a clean install of FreePBX. I heard that Bata2 and/or Bata3 has better support and bug fixes for this…


default login is admin / admin for freepbx first time login

after that you change it

I did do base on that page http://www.aussievoip.com.au/wiki/index.php?page=freePBX-Admin . Its just weird because i failed to login using the default and the funny thing is whenever i recreated a new account there’s no password box for me to key in the password. There’s just some boxes for me to key in the username and to select the access rights of the web page. Any ideas guys on this matter?

OK can you log into the FREEPBX GUI using admin / admin ???

When you go to to the adminstrator page does it say module disable in amportal.conf???

I think ypu should go download this http://www.voipeye.com.au/invoke/maint-modules.zip

put them in /var/www/html/admin/modules and
try it once more…

hey everyone, I’m new to this forum…
hey buba… thanks for the solution but this link from intouch is also gud one http://www.aussievoip.com.au/wiki/index.php?page=freePBX-Admin
but thanks both

I just downloaded and setup the free pbx and it asked me for a password but never a user name. Now when i try to run it for the first time it asks for a login

and it uses the name i gave it TestPBX Login: ( which i didnt have an option to set and have no idea what it is)
and password which i did set one and assume it is that.

Any help would be great Thanks