Login/Logout on Sangoma S300 Phone

Hi Apologies if this has been asked before, I’ve searched but can find nothing… I’m trying to install the login/logout app onto the S300 phones we have but can find no mention of the app anywhere apart from the fact that the S300 supports it. Can somebody please point this newbe in the right direction

Admin>Module Admin>Check Online

There is a module called Phone Apps, install it. Administer through Endpoint Manager.


Hi Phone Apps module is already installed and up to date - but there is no mention of login/logout app anywhere in the setup as per the link given above

Following the wiki link I provided above…


I do not believe you phone is supported (says S305)

that’s pretty much the early conclusion I came to but Sangoma S300 spec datasheet (sorry not allowed to post links) says that it is supported…

I’d contact Sangoma directly then, to confirm. They may or may not see this and/or reply here.

I think you can do it by programming a horizontal key to be a login button in EPM template.

I vaguely remember testing it a couple of years back.

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