Login and Logout time for dynamic agents or Static agents in queue

Hi all,

Is there a way to either store login/logout agent information in a database when an agent logs in or out of a queue?


Yes, with custom code you could probably add an Epoch variable to a macro for the login/out action. You could write that variable to the AstDB:

Or you could write to an external DB:


Queue details including agent login/out are written to /var/log/asterisk/queue_log. You can parse this file and import to a database. You can also generate this report with the paid Queue Reports module ‘Agent Availability’ report.

Is there any link for it or any name of the software.

It don’t have agent login and logoff time from the queue.

From the wiki page here:

Is this stores record for both static and dynamic agents or only for dynamic agents in the queue.
Is this can be installs on the Elastix ?

The report shows login, logout, pause and unpause.

Commercial modules are only supported on the Distro. You need to have a plan in place to migrate to a supported system. This can help:

These reports are for ACD or can be used for the normal queue routed through an IVR ?
Like i said both for static and dynamic or only for dynamic agents in the queue. because i have some dynamic agents and i login them with default queue toggle feature *45. so that is why i am asking you for static and dynamic agents login and logout time report.


Static agents do not log into a queue. Their are static so you will never see logged in or out since they are ALWAYS logged into the queue. The can only pause and unpause.


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