Log to check who access what call recordings

Good Day,

I need to check with you guys,

Is there a way to generate a report to show what user listened to a call recording and what call recording she accessed.

I have one user that will monitor and address issues so she will download and listen to call recordings but i need to be able to generate a report to show what recordings she accessed .

you can do that with asternic. for example:
7648 1631825226|SUCCESSFUL LOGIN |User |
7649 1631825226|ACCESS|User||HOME|
7650 1631825228|ACCESS|User||DISTRIBUTION|
7652 1631825235|ACCESS|User||SEARCH|
7653 1631825238|ACCESS|User||ACCESS_RECORDING|{“file”:"/2021/09/16/q-99-171-20210916-000221-1631750541.7585.wav"}

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