Log into Que when Sip device is registered

I just today upgraded from 2.3.0 to 2.5, so please forgive me if I missed something…

I have a number of users that are members of many different queues. When they get to work in the morning they may have to log into 4 different queues, mistyping just once may put them in a queue they do not belong to and not a queue they need to be in, or worse put them in a que that they don’t sign out of when they leave (because they do not realize they are in it) This has caused customers to wait on hold when there is none in the que instead of directing them to the failover.

So, Is there any way that I can bypass all this logging in and logging out? Some of the ideas that I have had are :

Make it so when someone is on DND they are hidden from the queue
When a device unregisters it hides them from queues until it registers again.

honestly, if I could do both that would be ideal.

Any ideas?

  1. Do the users always use the same phone?
  2. Is that phone dedicated to just that person?

If the answers are both yes then why not program a single button on the phone to dial all the strings for you and make it a speed dial button.

If not how about a little more detail on how the people are setup, the phones are used, etc.
Do they ever login to the phone to use it but NOT get logged into queues?

I’m sure somebody can come up with a solution.

Yes and Yes, I suppose I can check the capabilities of the speed dial. We use eyebeam. Thanks for the idea!

sometimes the simplest solution to a problem is looking at the problem differently.

Good luck.

Granted your idea of having a login and logout profile for a phone and automatically attaching it to any number of queues when logged in I’m sure is a very good idea. If you can write it up clearly I’d submit it as a feature request. To do that go to development, Report a bug, then change the bug report to feature request and fill in the information.