Log entry for SIP secret changes?

I hope this is a proper place for this question:

Im trying to figure out when a SIP password (secret) was changed,
I’d like to know if freepbx writes such actions in log files ?
Password was changed through GUI

I don’t think there is any logging of that type.

If you don’t give people admin access to the GUI the password can’t be changed.

Thank you, Alan.
We talk about a given situation where few people have admin access.
Im trying to find traces of password-change somewhere,
so I can understand when the password was changed.

There is generally no auditing of this type. Not that it will help you now but you can request this feature at http://issues.freepbx.org. That aside on some systems MySQL query audits are enabled so you may want to look and see if you have anything in /var/log/mysql. If this is on then every MySQL query will be in there and you can probably search it for the change.

SIP registrations should be logged in the Asterisk full log. If you can find a successful registration to the extension in question, and a subsequent registration failure, it will define a window when the change took place.

Thanks for the idea, Igaetz

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