Locking Down UCP Widgets & Settings

Hey all. I’m trying to lock down UCP so my users only see one or two widgets. I have been using a test UCP user account trying to test this out, but it seems like I’m missing something. I do have quite a few items disabled, but these are still changeable / viewable by my test user account.

Main goals for my UCP setup:

  • As minimal as possible
  • When a user logs in, they only have access to view / add only one widget allowed by the sys admin based on role / department (for example Call History)
  • Disable / hide all other widgets from end user eyes
  • Disable the ability for user to change their password, user details, and interface settings under UCP User Settings.

Is a setup like this possible?


UCP User Templates - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

User Management Group/User Settings - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

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