Locked out of Yealink t-23g after provisioning

While setting up auto provisioning for a Yealink T-23G model phone that uses HTTP for provisioning I seem to have lost what the admin password is. It was the default right up until I provisioned the phone to verify it worked
I see the setting in EPM global settings for phone admin password but that does not work on the phone. Is there anywhere else that could have pulled a password from FPBCX?
I am not locked completely out since the phone is still provisioning itself against FreePBX so if I can find where that password is defined and provision it again it should resolve itself.

You should be able to find it in the config file on disk! Look in /tftpboot.

Good call! Didn’t even think of that.

If you press and hold for 10-15 seconds Yealink [OK] button it would show factory reset option.

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