Locked out of FreePBX after endpointman2.9 install

I’m a newbie to Elastix/FreePBX and have a question/problem. I’ve setup three Elastix miniUCS appliances, all running 4 port FXO cards with a mix of local and remote Polycom 650’s and snom 760’s. All the appliances are identical and came pre-loaded with Elastix 2.3.0 / FreePBX 2.8.1 / Asterisk 1.8.11. I got all of them working fine with both analog lines and SIP trunks.

Here’s the issue: After I setup the appliance, I installed Endpoint Manager 2.9 in FreePBX (endpointman-2.9.latest.tar.gz), and the system appears to be working fine (although I have not used the Endpoint Manager yet). However, when I log out and try to log back into FreePBX, it doesn’t recognize my username and password, which I previously setup when I enabled unembedded FreePBX in the elastix UI. I can still log into elastix web UI, SSH and Putty into the appliance, make calls and otherwise use/administrate the system – I just can’t get back into FreePBX web interface. I sniffed around on Google, and even looked at my manager.conf file, as well as my amportal.conf, both of which reflect the correct username and password.

I tested another identical Elastix miniUCS appliance to see if I was going crazy – I setup the appliance, set the FreePBX password, checked login/logout multiple times in FreePBX, re-booted, tested again and was successful in getting into FreePBX web interface with my user credentials. Then as soon as I install Endpoint Manager 2.9 and logged out – same thing. Logging into FreePBX - a popup window in Firefox keeps asking for a username and password no matter what I enter. The third box, which I dare not brick, doesn't have endpointman 2.9 installed and works just fine.

So the question is – has anyone seen this before, and how do I get back into FreePBX to un-install Endpoint Manager (it’s the only thing I installed that didn’t come pre-loaded with the appliance)? Can I easily remove Endpoint Manager without getting into FreePBX? I really don’t want to (and don’t know how to) reload the appliance, as I’m not very experienced with Linux. Help!!

Elastix uses a forked up version of FreePBX 2.8, adding anything to it will break it totally. You will need to go to Elastix for how to undo what you did.