Locked Out of FreePBX 15

I’m currently locked out of FreePBX 15 via SSH and the GUI - I’ve tried multiple computers on the network accessing the IP using a browser and SSH via Putty (connection timed out) and I believe it is because fail2ban and the firewall were both enabled. Phones are still currently registered and incoming/outgoing calls work; however, I’m at a loss for how to now access. Does the fail2ban delete after a certain amount of time? I can still ping the IP via a command prompt. I’m going to try accessing via a VM; however, does anyone else have any ideas on how to access? Thank you!

If your IP was banned by fail2ban (Intrusion Detection) then you would not be able to ping, and phones from same location would not be working. It sounds more like you have a misconfigured firewall, like the IP address has not been whitelisted so you don’t have access to ssh and admin, but responsive firewall still allows phone registrations and calls. If you can get to a console, you can confirm by seeing the trusted list with:

fwconsole firewall list trusted

and trust an IP with:

fwconsole firewall trust x.x.x.x

Thank you very much for the clarification and assistance. Any idea on how to get to a console with a mis-configured firewall? Thank you Lorne!

Resolved by finding the NUC running FreePBX and “fwconsole firewall stop” so I could get access to the GUI - thanks!


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