Locked out: How do I reset the password on my Aastra 480i phone?

I know this isn’t technically a freepbx question, but I think a lot of you have Aastra phones.

I’m Locked out, I changed my password and can’t log into the interface now. How do I reset the password on my Aastra 480i phone? I don’t care if I have to reset everything to factory default.

Please help.

Thanks in advance!

When this happened to me I had to use a tftp server to reset the phone’s password. I needed to setup DHCP option 66 to point to the tftp server and then created a MAC.cfg file with the default password.
admin password: 22222

The other option is to force the phone into recovery mode - I believe this can be done by pressing the 1 and # simultaneously during a reboot.
it will give you a web page that allows you to point to a tftp server to reload the firmware

Good Luck


…because there’s an easier way.

–older 480i phones do not support option 66

–if that is the case i suggest identifying the tftp (ftp or whatever) server
(ftp servers use password, http & tftp do not, so i hope it’s one of them)
go into phone keypad interface and display tftp (or whatever server)
or use wireshark to sniff which ip address the phone asks for when rebooting
–configure a PC with a freeware tftp (or whatever) server running
connect the phone to the same domain
or to a PC with a crossover cable on same domain as the phone (192.168.1.x)
reboot the phone - it will now try to go to the tftp (or whatever) server
in the root of the tftp (or whatever) server place a text file
named “aastra.cfg” there with only one entry -
“admin password: mynewpassword” in it.
–the phone, on reboot, will look for “aastra.cfg” and if it finds it,
will download it, overwriting the settings entered there (admin password:)
with a new value (mynewpassword)
–on completion of reboot you should be able to enter “admin” password and reconfigure the phone.

–using the web recovery mode forces you to use the tftp server at the adress inside the phone. if the address is still the same the phone will download firmware from it (480i.st), aastra.cfg, and mac#.cfg and you’re good to go. if the address or server type has changed web recovery won’t work, so use the proceedure above to emulate the tftp server on the domain the ip phone is on.