Locked myself out of admin area

I recently update freepbx to version 13 and added some groups. Somehow the admin couldn’t see the voicemails in UCP anymore, so i added him to the group “office” which leads to the fact that all group settings apply to my admin user.

How can i set this back? I tried to figure out how to remove the user in the mysql tables, but there are only HEX numbers in the groups and i can’t tell which belongs to the admin.

ok i figured it out myself, which took me some time cause of the session storage.

Get your UserID from the table userman_users, let’s say 69 and then set the following in userman_users_settings:

INSERT INTO `userman_users_settings` VALUES (69, 'global', 'pbx_admin', 0x31, NULL);`

The tricky part: It won’t work if you reload the admin panel, you have to logout and login to make the changes apply!