Location of VoiceMail Greetings and Mailbox ID recording

Hello All,

I have a client who is running IncrediblePBX 2027U and FreePBX GUI 16, they want to use a uniform voice for the name announcement of the individual voice mail boxes, and a uniform voice for the individual voice mail greetings.

I have recorded all of the name and greetings using a speech generation software and saved them in WAV format. I am trying to upload these items to the individual mailboxes, however, when I do and rename them to the defaults, they still play system messages. I believe, after reading other documentation, that they are stored in the following location:


There are no default greetings created in the mailbox even after I have changed the password. Am I in the right location for voicemails or am in the wrong spot.

Do recordings need to be saved as WAV or GSM file types?

If anyone can point me in the right direction to get the issue resolved and make my client happy.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Stock

WAV and wav are different to Asterisk, and both are very specific formats. wav is 8kHz, signed, linear, 16 bit PCM, mono, and WAV is GSM in a .wav wrapper.

They can be in any format for which Asterisk can construct a chain of codecs to reach the codec used on the wire.

The directory is not created until first accessed. All files must be readable by the asterisk users, any ‘wav’ file must be single channel , 16 bit 8k sample rate format.

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