Location of "User File Config" Files?

Anyone know where .cfg files are stored for “custom” templates for phones in End Point Manager? For instance the File Configuration Editor shows Local File Configs are stored in “/var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/aastra/aap9xxx6xxx.”

The “Save as…” feature in EPM no longer appears to enable the ability to save new file names. So, would like to create one on the backend. (?)


It still works for me. Don’t use IE9.

All of the custom ones are stored in the database. There is no way for you to do this manually. Sorry.

If I’ve learned anything with FreePBX is that using anything but Firefox only introduces more challenges. No thank you. VoIP is only a fraction of my job duties, so I certainly have no room for “extra credit assignments.” ;p

Amazingly, it is now working! The Gremlins must have worked their magic overnight.(?)

Yesterday, for some reason, I was able to create custom $mac.cfg files from another custom $mac.cfg file. But, not a custom aastra.cfg from another custom aastra.cfg file, thereby only being able to create half of a custom template. I’ll try to find some time to search my logs to see if I can find any clues.

Thanks for looking!