Location of old code/modules

Been a while since visiting and not sure if this is the right spot to post, so please move if incorrect.

I am looking for the old (pre 2.9) modules repository - The bookmark I have is
but this redirects to the new issue tracker and the code available all appears to be 2.9+

Is this old code still available somewhere?
I’m actually specifically looking for the bulkextensions and bulkdids modules from 2.6 so that I can perform some upgrades.

Any help appreciated?



Thanks, i found the mirror site, but the 2.6 version I was hoping for does not appear to be there. I also found the github site but no bulk extensions 2.6 either even though according to the changelog there was a version - maybe just a typo and there never was a 2.6 version.

You should really get off of 2.6 and all the bugs and security issues it has. I bet you are on Trixbox and that is why those modules were around for you as they had them in their own repos.

Tony - I helped him in another thread. He is going to load those modules and export to get off of trixbox!

OP - http://mirror2.freepbx.org/modules/contributed_modules/modules/bulkdids/

You can force install this module, just copy it to /var/www/html/admin/modules/bulkdid and chown asterisk:asterisk the directory

You may have to use the force option in module_admin from the command line but it will work

Thanks for the help -
No I am not on Trixbox - custom install from a long time ago with modules from Philippe.
Yes I want to upgrade, but need to export extensions and DID’s hence the request.