Lobby phone dial on pickup?

With the S500 or S300 is there a way to make it automatically dial an extension when the handset is lifted? I have one in the lobby for visitors and would like it to just dial the receptionist.

The Hotline option on the template options tab:

Perfect. Thank you.

On a PBXact system the HotLine enable/disable button is there but no field to enter the number to dial. I was able to log into the phone gui and add it there. It is an older system

12 is end of life, but it might get fixed if you file a bug report. Put a plan in place to upgrade to 13 when you can.

Since 12 is EOL no bug fixes will get applied. You need to upgrade to 10.13.66 PBXact. You are missing a ton of new features in the PBX and End Point Manager and phones.

Is there a complete step by step instruction setup for this?

edit - missed the PBXact part. Open a commercial support ticket and we will get you up to date.

Sounds good to me.

This post was in regards to Sangoma Phones and the category he opened it under was Sangoma Phones. So lets keep the thread on subject.