I’m looking for a good loadbalancing option for our Asterisk servers.

At the moment we have a standby server for each production server and based on srv records the standby server is used when the primary fails.
I don’t want to use this option any longer since the standby server is basically doing nothing and in a couple more years (when we need new servers) we can throw the old one away without ever using it.

Lately we are getting more load on the primary server so this should be a good timing to look for loadbalancing.

I did some research and noticed there is Kamailio (OpenSER) and OpenSIPS. I find it hard to see the differences between the two.

Any advice you guys can give on what option would be best?

Our environment:

  • 4 asterisk servers (1.8 with Freepbx 2.10)
    Server A has server B as standby server and server C has server D as standby server (server A has different queues and extensions than server C)
  • different SIP trunk on each server
  • Lots of IVR’s and Queues
  • Mostly inbound call traffic