LLDP on Sangoma Phone

Why is LLDP not enabled by default on these phones, to top it off there are no VLAN settings in EPM or the Redirect server. This means i have to touch each phone to set the phone to LLDP to pickup it’s voice VLAN. Do we have options here? LLDP is normally on by default on most devices so the phone will automatically pickup from the switch the correct VLAN on 1st boot.

From another post this morning, LLDP is enabled by default with firmware

Also in EPM we have full control over VLAN Settings. You need to upgrade your EPM as it was published this week.

Tony thanks, i just upgraded this morning and just went and checked and i am on EPM 13.0.39 released 3-29-16 and i have just checked online again and am not showing an upgrade to EPM out there. Am I missing something?

It may be in the edge track.

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint

Assuming you have 13 and the latest framework