Live UCP login motoring

I have a client that normally uses desk phones for their in-office operations, but is planning to use the UCP for situations where the office cannot be opened, such as snow emergencies and the like.

As such, the manager has asked me if it’s possible to monitor who is logged in to the web phone in the UCP at any given time. Are there any potential monitoring solutions for this?

They are using the FreePBX distribution with version

Not that I am aware of. You could look to see the registrations for the UCP phones in the logs and derive something from there. I don’t know if this is best tool to see if someone is present. It might be better to look into other system/application logs, or maybe screen monitoring software with random audits.

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I believe the webrtc phone connects with a 99 prefix to the ext (if the ext is 100 then it will show as 99100), you could probably check under reports >> asterisk info - but im not 100% sure about this.

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