Live Music play with soft key button on sangoma phone

Hi all,

one of our customer requirement is to put soft key button on sangoma handset for play radio music when phone is idle. And it should resume when call comes in .
I tried to put multicast Enable and page soft key but I don’t know what to dial on page soft keyto play MOH recording.
I also have setup for live stream Music in MOH Module. which is I am using for play on hold for inboud route.
Can I use same MOH for soft key configuration? How?

Thanks in advance.

Replacing a Panasonic system… Nice.

Panasonic have drop out PBX business.

Yup. We’ve seen this requirement go by from just about every existing Panasonic installation anywhere. It was one of the things they used as a market differentiator and it made them unique. The problem is that the handsets aren’t SIP, so spinning that application up on a ‘regular’ SIP phone is a challenge, to put is mildly.

Using Multicast traffic, there is probably a way to get some SIP phones to simulate something like this, but it’s often a tough nut to crack. In addition, it may require licensing from BMI (in the US, at least) if you are using anything on the phone except canned public domain music. Replaying a local radio station on this counts as a copyright violation on a “per speaker” basis, so there are practical, as well as technological hurdles to overcome.

WFM, replace the file with a stream if you want, ffmpeg should put it to ‘asterisk format’ with these options

it can also run in the background independent of Asterisk if you want Muzak (that you have rights to use)

Thanks for the replay. I am sorry but I don’t know what is ffmpeg? can you please explain? Can we set this from FreePBX?


No you cant to that directly from FreePBX’ GUI

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Background Music (BGM) is an old feature designed on firsts analog PBX Systems.
By the way this feature have included onto TDM PBX system and IP Systems it seem only could work on IP-PT (H323 IP-PT devices).

You can use a streaming for your MOH and create a dial plan for call this MOH like this.
I did it for our daughter.
Juste create a new MOH class and use it in your dial plan.
Here I limited the MOH for 1500 seconds.

exten => *39,1,answer()
exten => *39,n,Set(VOLUME(TX)=-10)
exten => *39,n,NoOp(-- Music Karine --)
exten => *39,n,Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=karine)
exten => *39,n,MusicOnHold(karine,1500)
exten => *39,n,Hangup()

@ danardf Thanks for your replay.

Can’t access this like for some rezone.
I want to use MOH for soft key configuration and not for Hold music. Is that possible?

I don’t know what you mean.

I want to use MOH for soft key configuration and not for Hold music. Is that possible?

You want to use MOH and don’t use MOH.
My way is: Use MOH as Music Channel.
You can set *39 (in my case) in a softkey (Speed Dial) and that will work.

If the MOH class is not used for any trunk, it will be used only for your dial plan.
It’s just a way to play some music through a dial number.

appreciate your quick replay @danardf.
is *39 is define dial pattern? I don’t understated where to set MOH when dial *39 with speed Dial.

He created a new MOH category in the GUI which streams music and then used a custom dialplan to play that MOH. You can also use a queue with unlimited wait time to listen to the MOH.

Everything you add in custom context can be set in extensions_custom.conf
Next, You can add your custom dial plan under from-internal-custom
for my part, I set this
include => karine

To set a new MOH class you must use menu Settings and Music on Hold.
Add Cathegory,
Select Application
Edit it again.
Set what you need.

Of course, you can rename or set any name / label that you want.

Don’t forget to launch fwconsole r after each change.

I have a similar setup that I use, essentially setup a queue that phones can dial into and it will play.

I wanted to see about exploring further an option to just have it use multicast. I believe @dicko mentioned an idea in a thread, and possibly during the OpenLounge once. I wanted to have a way to have the phones play a multicast stream, that way, you could still receive a call or other multicast streams on top of this. Making it very similar to how the Panasonic would have worked. My setup, we replaced a Toshiba system.

My setup is primarily with Sangoma phones and Yealink phones. I know for sure with the Sangoma phones, I got it setup that while on a call, they would put the call on hold (ie, you called into the BGM queue) when receiving a multicast page. So, similar to how it worked previously, but they have to resume the call to hear the music.

If someone else has an idea on how to setup Sangoma or Yealink phones to play multicast streams, I would definitely be willing to work and test it out with our setup. For now, we just have a speed dial that staff can hit to put them into the BGM queue, and listen to music that way.


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