Little help raspberry freepbx 14 and timeconditions

I need timeconditions , but is not included into image : www raspberry-asterisk org/downloads/ , and is not possíble install (comands and information below)

[email protected]:~# tsocks fwconsole ma install timeconditions
Unable to install module timeconditions:

[email protected]:~# php -r 'include("/etc/freepbx.conf");echo getversion(),"\n";'
[email protected]:~#

[email protected]:~# tsocks amportal ma listonline | grep time
| timeconditions | | Not Installed (Available online: | GPLv3+ |
[email protected]:~#

Alternative is return no other image : www raspberry-asterisk org/downloads/ ?

Big thanks

note : i using tsocks , my raspberry no have internet direct acess
note2 : my frist language is pt-br , sorry error for write this post

fwconsole ma downloadinstall timeconditons

sorry not work :sob: , for this version

What is the error you are getting