Listen to monitor recordings on the actual phone?

Is there any way to do this? I find it’s such a pain to have to log into the site and find the last call, download it, open it in QuickTime or whatever since I use GSM. Then if someone wants to hear it I have to convert it and it’s just a pain.

Is there any way with a plugin or anything that I can even use my phone to play the last call back? Would be such a great feature to be able to listen to the last call. Happens all the time someone asks who I spoke with and I have to go download the whole file etc just to get someones name or what not. Thanks!

Hmm…i think you can…you just got to develop a manual dialplan :smiley:

In that dialplan, you escape via AGI, search for a file (probably also need to do a cdr db lookup), do a playback…but i guess you have to convert first (using lame erc) if its GSM to WAV that’s supported by the Playback() function.